The Amazing World Of ACEO on eBay

Collecting ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals)

by Griff on October 11, 2011

in Buying Tips

eBay has been a locus for collectors of all types of items since its inception in 1995. If you can think of it and it’s collectible, it’s on eBay, and if it is small, easy to describe and photograph and easy to ship, it is tailor-made for selling and buying on eBay.  Trading cards for [...]


Back to School – The Ultimate Dorm Room Guide!

by jordan.koene on August 22, 2011

in Just for Fun

Find the ultimate dorm items in one place. Enjoy the detailed dorm room guide and shop for Back to School items on eBay.


eBay Employee Collectors: Flight Helmets

by Griff on June 6, 2011

in eBay Employee Collectors

Welcome to the first in anew series entitled, “eBay Employee Collectors.”  Each month we will interview an employee who also has a passion for collecting something unusual or notable. This month, we interview Pierre Donzier of Customer Strategy (who keeps his collection at home and not in his cube). Griff: Welcome to our first in the [...]


Collectible Keyboards?

by Griff on June 3, 2011

in Just for Fun,Top Collectibles On eBay

Everyone knows that  choice examples of rare computers like the original Apple are highly desirable today. But keyboards as collectibles?  Well, when one of these shows up on eBay, the keyboard collectors come out in force.  The iconic M15 ergonomic keyboard, manufactured by both IBM and Lexmark from 1994 to 1995, may be the holy grail of computer peripherals. [...]


Post image for Top Collectible, Antiques & Art Listings for April 2011

Top Collectible, Antiques & Art Listings for April 2011

by Griff on May 19, 2011

in Top Collectibles On eBay

April was a busy month for the Antiques and Collectibles categories on eBay. Highlighted below are examples from the hundreds of thousands of sold items for the month. As always, we’ve included a mix of results from both Fixed Price and Auction-style listings (bidding activity for these examples was especially robust!) One listing of special interest : [...]


Antiques & Collectibles - March 2011

Top Collectible, Antiques & Art Listings for March 2011

by Griff on April 28, 2011

in Just for Fun,Top Collectibles On eBay

The Antique and Collectibles categories continue to surface some fantastic examples of what collectors are buying these days on eBay, including a issue #1 of Playboy, a rare New Jersey copper colonial coin, and a period Roman helmet!  All these and more displayed below, sold on eBay in March, 2011 and include examples from both [...]


Top Collectible, Antiques & Art Listings for February 2011

by jordan.koene on March 31, 2011

in Just for Fun,Top Collectibles On eBay

What a fine month February was for collectibles on eBay! The arts were well represented with everything from Elvis Presley 45′s to Xander’s fine art watercolor. Fond childhood memories were evoked by Barbie and Adventure Comics. This is but a sample of all the fine antiques and collectibles available on eBay every day. All items [...]


Old Radios on eBay

Collecting Old Radios…on eBay!

by Griff on March 25, 2011

in Buying Tips,Selling Tips

In the roughly 90 years between the first simple build-it-yourself crystal radio sets of the 1920’s and today’s state of the art receivers and wireless internet radio, there were millions of actual radios manufactured in a incredible array of sizes, colors, and designs, all forming a rich mother lode for collecting. The collecting of vintage [...]


Classic NCAA March Madness Items on eBay

by jordan.koene on March 24, 2011

in Just for Fun,Top Collectibles On eBay

In the spirit of the largest college basketball tournament we have selected thirteen classic items honoring spectacular college athletes and events. Many of the items commemorate a special year or moment in college basketball but overall the items represent how passionate fans are about college basketball. The following items are showcased in no particular order [...]

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Complete Super Nintendo Collection on eBay

by jordan.koene on March 24, 2011

in Just for Fun

If you are really, and I mean really a Super Nintendo fan – this collection, currently available on eBay, is for you. Granted, to take up half of your game room and keep you busy for months this collection is astonishing. For about $10,000.00 (shipping included), you can own every Super Nintendo game ever licensed [...]

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