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Top Collectible, Antiques & Art Listings for April 2011

by Griff on May 19, 2011

in Top Collectibles On eBay

April was a busy month for the Antiques and Collectibles categories on eBay. Highlighted below are examples from the hundreds of thousands of sold items for the month. As always, we’ve included a mix of results from both Fixed Price and Auction-style listings (bidding activity for these examples was especially robust!)

One listing of special interest : The set of 120 Kodachrome slides from a family in Santa Barbara CA in the late 1940′s. I included them here to show the high demand by collectors for slides and photos of everyday life from the 20th century. I believe these generated high interest due to the quality of the composition as well as the content, which provided a wonderful window into the life of one family right after WWII. Keep an eye out for similar examples in your treasure hunting.

All items are vetted for positive sale (item paid for, delivered and not returned). This is the reason why it takes until mid month to post the previous month’s list, by the way.

Navajo Classic 3rd Phase Chiefs Blanket

19th Century Navajo Classic 3rd Phase Chiefs Blanket
Sold for $7,600.00  (8 Bids)

McCoy Cookie Jar

Sold for $7,211.00 (23 Bids)

Western Union Ticker Tape Machine

Sold for $8,225.00 (34 Bids)

Wedgewood Teapot

Sold for $1,827.00 (26 Bids)

Antique Paperweight

Heavy Art Glass Flower Blue White Vintage Paper Weight
Sold for $22,300.00 (32 Bids)

1 of 120 Kodachrome Slides circa 1940's

Set of 120 1940s California FAMILY SLIDES, Kodachrome!
Sold for $329.00 (19 Bids)

Tiffany Tea Screen

 Tiffany Studios New York #904 tea Screen
Sold for $2,121.21 (15 Bids)

Antique Shivan Rug

Antique Caucasian Shirvan Wool Kazak Carpet
Sold for $2,707.77 (31 bids)

Antique Mandola

1915 LARSON-BRUNO Artist Mandola
Sold for $3,176.00 (12 Bids)

Antique Tiffany Lamp

Antique Tiffany Lamp with Tulip Shaped Art Glass Shades
Sold for $12,260.00 (10 Bids)

Japanese Folding Screen of a Tiger

Japanese folding screen BYOBU Ganku TIGER
Sold for $4,630.00 (34 bids)

Antique Bronze Elephant

Antique Bronze Elephant by Franz Bergman
Sold for $3,250.00 (22 Bids)

If you find a good candidate for inclusion in the monthly Top Collectible, Antiques & Art Listing secion, send it along to

Until next month’s list, happy hunting!


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1 Richard A. Duncan May 20, 2012

I have inherited my father’s antique collection of china, silver, original oil artwork and furniture. I would be interested in knowing how to go about it. I also have an original signed William Wyld painting which is supposed to be very valuable. I have a origianal painting by Carl Van Loo of Queen Marie Lachinska of Poland and he painted two portarits of Royalty and the Louvre has the other.

2 Richard A. Duncan May 20, 2012

I am so sorry the Queen was from Checkolavoskia

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