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by Griff on January 19, 2011

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The eBay Collectors Blog 2011 Update

A belated Happy New Year to all.

Eavesdrop on any conversation between antique and collectible buyers and sellers since 1995 and you will inevitably hear some variation of, “What will it bring on eBay?” or “I found it on eBay!”  or “I’m gonna sell it on eBay.” Although many things have changed in the past 15 years since the site’s inception, eBay remains an important destination for anyone looking to buy or sell the rare and unusual.

The team here at eBay Collectors is comitted to bringing you the stories  and news behind both the rare and unusual collector treasures that show up every day on eBay, as well as the passionate eBay expert enthusiasts who buy and sell them.  You can look forward to a wide range of stories here; from the regular monthly top selling collectible items on eBay, to special guest contributor posts on specific topics of interest to the collecting community. Each week, we’ll surface new collecting trends, interview folks from across the collecting industry and chase the rare and unique items listed on eBay

And make no mistake; it is a conversation, (not a monologue)!  If you have a story or topic you would like us to cover on the eBay Collectors blog, or if you have a report about an eBay listing of note, or if you are an expert in a particular field of collecting, and would like to share your expertise with the eBay collector community, send an email to ebaycollectors@ebay.com . All entries considered.

We want to thank last year’s EC editor-in-chief Ivanka for her hard work in getting this blog off the ground in 2009. Ivanka has moved on to other rolls and duties at eBay but her heart is still firmly in Collectibles so she will be stopping by during the year to provide guest posts, commentary and interesting stories about collectibles.

The  team for 2011: Jordan Koene, eBay Social Media Blogger. Jordan is a blogosphere expert. He’s been a major player on the eBay Motor’s blog and he’s been posting here already since December. We are lucky that he has agreed to continue as a regular contributing editor. As for me, I am  Jim Griffith, aka Griff, with eBay’s Seller Strategy team. When Ivanka approached me about taking over as editor-in-chief, I jumped at the opportunity. Antiques and collectibles have been a big part of most of my adult life;  prior to eBay when I was a dealer and ever since as an avid collector of just about anything and I relish the chance to help insure that the antiques and collectibles conversation on eBay continues throughout the upcoming year and beyond.

Happy Hunting!

The eBay Collectors Blog Team

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1 Dave Holoweiko January 19, 2011

Griff I hate to say this but as a major seller and buyer of collectibles on Ebay for years you are wrong about the conversations now between collectible and antique buyers and sellers about Ebay. I attend 1 to 2 auctions a week year round and from April to November attend 3 to 4 huge flea markets in my area every week.

Start a conversation about Ebay now and you will first get choice 4 letter words about Ebay unfit to print here…

2 Griff January 20, 2011


Your reading into the post things that are not there. I didn’t say the conversation was about how antique dealers feel about eBay, pro or con. The purpose of this blog is to talk about what is bought on sold on eBay (and for how much), the people who buy and sell collectibles on eBay, collecting trends and tips and tricks for buying and selling antiques and collectibles on eBay.


3 BOB SOTTILE January 22, 2011

Hi Griff & Fellow Ebay Sellers of Antiques, Antiquarian Books, & Collectibles,
I am a former book shop owner who specialized in old, rare, and collectible books, ephemera (paper), advertising, and interesting collectibles. I began selling on eBay in 1999, and it was really fun for 5-6 years. For the last few years I have found the buyers of this type of material have really declined. It is almost like all the educated and informed buyers are gone. Now, the buyers do not value the seller’s expertise, and they are afraid to spend the money for quality items.
Let me toss this suggestion out there: Why not an Antiques, Antiquarian Books, Ephemera, and Vintage Collectibles only division of eBay. Obviously I mean “NO NEW ITEMS” — this means keep the electronics; tube socks; plush animals; watches; telephones; etc. in their own division. By grouping into divisions, time spent searching through all catagories will be eliminated. For example, a true buyer of old travel booklets will only find the dealer/seller who specializes. These kind of thoughts have been running around in my head for awhile; perhaps the suggestion will trigger some reponse or action. Thanks, Bob

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