Collectible Fragrance SOLD on eBay – $769

by Griff on December 1, 2011

in Buying Tips,Top Collectibles On eBay

Some fragrance companies release very limited editions of special colognes or perfumes that usually sell out quickly. One example would be Tabaróme from Creed. Originally launched in 1875, Creed has, in recent years, limited production to low number special editions (and has stated with the last that there will be no future editions). Following the trusty law of supply and demand, existing bottles of this gem tend to go for high prices, like this example.

Note that if you should find a bottle of Tabaróme in your travels, the sought after version at high prices is Tabarome and not Tabaróme Millésime, which is an entirely different fragrance from Vintage Tabaróme and is still in production.

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