Apothecary Museum and Contents Sold on eBay

by Griff on November 21, 2011

in Top Collectibles On eBay

We recently received word from eBay seller Amy Weintraub of ShopItLA that she sold the entire contents of Dr. Earl Mindell’s Authentic Old-Time Pharmacy and Apothecary Museum from her eBay store! The museum, located in Los Angeles, houses the lifetime collection of Dr. Mindell and is considered one of the most comprehensive collections of vintage and antique pharmacopia and apothecary items in the world.

The final Buy It Now sale price was $68,000. Amy says that the buyer is a pharmacist in Ohio and that he plans to recreate this “museum” exactly as is was and attach it to his pharmacy and open it up for his community to enjoy.

The sale included the contents of three room including the, fixtures, cabinets, furniture… pretty much everything you can see in the photos in the listing.

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