February 2011

Collecting Valentines on eBay

Collecting Valentines

by Griff on February 14, 2011

in Buying Tips,News & Events

There are two ways to collect Valentines. One is to receive them from your ardent admirers and the other is to buy them yourself, for yourself. Although we hope you are showered with the former, we’ll focus on the latter. Initially set aside in by the early Roman Catholic church to recognize a martyred priest [...]


Top Sold Antique & Collectibles on eBay | January 2011

by Griff on February 9, 2011

in Top Collectibles On eBay

January was a good month for extreme variety in Collectibles sold on eBay with everything from a rare, mint condition Stephen Douglas ambrotype to a what-may-be-even-rarer Starbucks card, and some choice goodies in between – from a “Gilda” poster to ancient Greek pottery! All transactions verified as positive sales (payment completed, no returns). Click a [...]