December 2010

Most Expensive Toys on eBay

by jordan.koene on December 22, 2010

in Just for Fun

Classic, collectible and valuable toys are often found on eBay. Ever wonder which toys are the most expensive on eBay?  Well we have delivered these facts and combined them with information about the US and World toy market (click on graphic for details). Toys are one of the most popular categories on eBay, whether you are buying or selling LEGOs, [...]

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Top Collectible Listings | November

by jordan.koene on December 6, 2010

in Top Collectibles On eBay

We tracked the top collectibles items sold on eBay for the month of November and the result is the short list below showing some of the more remarkable items that sold last month. We’re busy tracking and recording this month’s sold items of note which we will post in January.  Enjoy!! 7. TODD MCFARLANE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 313 COVER [...]

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